A local development company recently used an environmentally-friendly deconstruction technique to pave the way for its upcoming build.

With the help of Phase One Dismantling Services, Diamond Head Development was able to “ethically dismantle” five homes before constructing its Finch Drive development, according to a news release. By the company’s estimation, 98% of the material, about one million pounds in total, was diverted from the Squamish landfill.

“It doesn't cost any more money to get creative and find ways to make environmental choices. You just have to roll up your sleeves, you have to do the research, you have to find the right partner and find the right strategy,” said Jason Wood, founder and president of Diamond Head Development.

Wood gave the example of how they sent asphalt shingles to an asphalt plant where it was refurbished back into asphalt that could be used elsewhere. Other examples of repurposed material included windows, doors as well as landscape items like gardens and trees.

Ethical dismantling is just one aspect that Wood wants in the Finch Drive development. He also explained that the homes that will be built are up to the highest code in the BC Energy Step Code, which means the homes are net-zero ready.

“Each of these homes is designed so solar panels can be added to the home and then that provides all the energy the home needs to run itself and then it becomes net-zero,” he said.

Additionally, the homes will have more insulation, energy-efficient windows and harness geothermal energy for heating and cooling.

“There's no carbon energy supporting the homes,” he said. “They’re all run by electricity.”

With this particular development, Wood felt that adding these environmentally friendly aspects came easily even if it was a little bit higher of a cost at the start.

“Everybody understands now that climate change is a very large problem that we all are responsible for,” he said. “The easiest thing you can do is effect change in your day-to-day life.”

“It was very natural for us to start making those decisions and researching how to build these homes [and] how to build them more energy efficient.”

For more information on the incoming Finch Drive development or Diamond Head Development, please visit FinchDrive.com or DHDev.ca